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(R)evolutionary economics - An inspiring debate with Tomáš Sedláček ( was privileged to meet with renowned economist Tomáš Sedláček in one of Prague's finest cafes to discuss his new book, recent developments and debate everything from politics to theatre. more >>

Movie Gravity, vertigo, and our loneliness (by Tomáš Sedláček)

The most remarkable thing of the current hit movie Gravity is not the visual effects, but the scary relation of proximity to distance and solitude.  No other film has captured so dizzily, the sense of giddiness of being infinitely far being within close reach. The infinite distance begins ... more >>

Blowout (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Those who saw the French film Blowout (Marc Ferreri, 1973), are quite clear about what is meant by decadence. Here, a group of gourmets indulge in gluttony embarking on a trip where they cook and eat all the time. But soon they find that they’ve had enough. No matter if they are persuaded and... more >>

Life in the cloud or an open gate to the (un)world (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Once, we used to play in the meadows and fields, now on the computer. Once we worked by hands and feet; now we work on the computer. We used to listen to music at concerts or in the pub, now we listen via the computer. Once we looked at the pictures on paper and slides, today we look at photos ... more >>

Metastasis: the curse of good or the greatest enemy of good is not evil (by Tomáš Sedláček)

It is often said - and believed - that evil is the opposite of good; evil lies at the opposite pole of good.  In an extremely vulgar conception, which however is very widespread, evil is a type of good with a negative sign. Here we are already approaching an accounting of good and evil, in ... more >>
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