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Volkswagen names new chief executive at Tennessee plant

German auto maker Volkswagen has named a new chief executive at its factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a company More... more >>

Social media emerging as major business enabler for Arab SMEs

Like the rest of the world, popular social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are becoming major business enablers for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Arab World. This is among the major findings of a report titled ‘Social Media as a Business Tool for ... more >>

Andrea Kidd (Personal Shopper) : “It’s a cliche, but every person judges you by the way you look”

Andrea Kidd is a young Macedonian woman in Dubai, making her living as a personal shopper and stylist. Personal shopping is seen as a bit overwhelming and intimidating, when really it’s the opposite; you will get to know a kind, understanding, friendly and professional Stylist. With years of ... more >>

Emirates celebrating 5 years in the CZ

On paper, Czechs fit the Emirates airline's “globalista” profile – travelers who want to explore the world with the ease of modernity, convenience and simplicity. Prague is a popular tourist destination, and there is a significant international population in the Czech Republic with family roots ... more >>

Dubai’s economy Growing up

TRAVELLERS flying into Dubai often look down and marvel at the man-made islands with the luxury villas. These outlandish creations came to symbolise the emirate’s economic boom in the mid-2000s—and the crisis that followed in 2009, when it needed help to pay its debts, many related to property ... more >>

What Did We Learn From the Economic Crisis?

I recently attended a conference at the Aspen Institute in Prague entitled, "What Did We Learn from the Economic Crisis?" There were three highly reputable speakers; Lord Meghnad Desai, Professor at the London School of Economics; Jacek Rostowski, former Minister of Finance in Poland; and ... more >>

(R)evolutionary economics and the system (under) pressure

Marx's critique of capitalism is based primarily on a moral criticism, not a performance one. Even Marx himself, the greatest critic of capitalism, admits that the system itself is the most powerful system of governance humanity has ever—in its history—experienced. Today, even the 'poor' ... more >>

Dream of dreams or Dreams, (non)science and ideology (by Tomáš Sedláček)

The topic of dreaming seems to be far away from economic, political or any "serious" debate. But this  in itself is "just the way things appear " to us. (We see that  dreaming and "the appearance" are with us as a theme before we know it: something 'appears' to us and some thing does not, and ... more >>

The question of heaven: Or, a Boring Superman

If we think about the question, “what is heaven?”, it seems to me that there is a widespread belief among us that heaven is something that concerns the human psyche, i.e., an internal human state of consciousness. It is a kind of personal "mental adjustment," the way each of us would ... more >>

Defense of question marks (by Tomáš Sedláček)

The world is governed by the feeling that questions should be answered - namely that the role of each question mark is to find a suitable exclamation mark, a correct answer, a deadline, an absolution, a denouement, a secret; put simply, the final solution, which ideally is agreed upon by ... more >>

(R)evolutionary economics - An inspiring debate with Tomáš Sedláček ( was privileged to meet with renowned economist Tomáš Sedláček in one of Prague's finest cafes to discuss his new book, recent developments and debate everything from politics to theatre. more >>

Movie Gravity, vertigo, and our loneliness (by Tomáš Sedláček)

The most remarkable thing of the current hit movie Gravity is not the visual effects, but the scary relation of proximity to distance and solitude.  No other film has captured so dizzily, the sense of giddiness of being infinitely far being within close reach. The infinite distance begins ... more >>

Blowout (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Those who saw the French film Blowout (Marc Ferreri, 1973), are quite clear about what is meant by decadence. Here, a group of gourmets indulge in gluttony embarking on a trip where they cook and eat all the time. But soon they find that they’ve had enough. No matter if they are persuaded and... more >>

Life in the cloud or an open gate to the (un)world (by Tomáš Sedláček)

Once, we used to play in the meadows and fields, now on the computer. Once we worked by hands and feet; now we work on the computer. We used to listen to music at concerts or in the pub, now we listen via the computer. Once we looked at the pictures on paper and slides, today we look at photos ... more >>

Metastasis: the curse of good or the greatest enemy of good is not evil (by Tomáš Sedláček)

It is often said - and believed - that evil is the opposite of good; evil lies at the opposite pole of good.  In an extremely vulgar conception, which however is very widespread, evil is a type of good with a negative sign. Here we are already approaching an accounting of good and evil, in ... more >>
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