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Things to Think About - Education costs money. But then so does ignorance

Things to Think About

By Pepper de Callier

"Education costs money. But then so does ignorance" Sir Claus Moser

I would paraphrase the opening of the quote to include the word time. “Education costs time and money, but then so does ignorance.” Now, when you read it, I would ask, how many times have we seen this play out in real life?  Someone tries to short-cut the process, they don’t have time to do whatever it is correctly, and, besides, doing it correctly is for the dummies who aren’t as smart or talented as they are.  And, what invariably happens?  Right, it eithers blows-up, or is such a failure that someone has to begin all over again.  Whether it’s time or money, it pays to invest in doing whatever it is properly and building a solid foundation.  Chances are, you’ll be the one who’s called in to save the day and that’s not a bad place to be for those who want to build a premium brand for themselves.

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About the Author: Pepper de Callier is one of the most respected senior executive coaches and authorities on leadership in Europe. Learn more about him at