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Stylists tips from Home Centre’s Room Makeover Contest

When working on the Room Makeovers, the challenge we faced with many of the rooms was that of space. This was a concern for Henan from KSA for her bedroom, as well as for Rania (Qatar winner) and Mehyar (Kuwait winner) for their living rooms.

Many of the Home Centre Room Makeover winners wanted makeovers for children’s rooms, such as Mona (Ajman winner) for her daughter Jana, Placido (Sharjah winner) for his son Daniel, and Dana, for her room in Abu Dhabi. Children’s rooms require a large amount of storage, and are often shared among siblings, as done by Felcy Dias’ sons in Kuwait.

Tips for smaller rooms:

Add optical illusion to make small spaces looks bigger
- To make a narrow space appear wider, use of mirrors to reflect more space. Large mirrors create an illusion of space, both horizontally and vertically.
- Consistent patterns. Horizontal lines can be introduced from the pattern of curtain blinds, horizontal paint lines and wall shelves within the room. This trick creates an illusion of a wider space.

Room colour 
- Use only light hues/shades and natural colours. Do not use dark colours as they may look heavy in a small area/space.
- The use of natural elements and colours makes the space feel lighter, more fresh and comfortable.

Fabric selections
- Avoid using heavy printed pattern for any fabric e.g. (curtains, bed linens and rug), particularly when you want a modern themed room.
- Use smaller accessories to add a fun pop of colour to create the look.

- Select furniture which offers storage solution e.g. daybed with pullout bed, this a good solution for additional space to share the room but doesn’t require more space. Beds such as the Aspen Bedroom Set also have storage as the bed base lifts up and there is storage underneath.
- A sliding door wardrobe provides easy access, despite a lack of space, proving it to be an effective method of storage.
- If the bed does not have storage built into it, under bed storage boxes are a solution for storing clothes and accessories such as blankets and ironing boards.
- Wardrobes with many storage compartments, like the Helen Wardrobe, are a clever solution for storing items such as trouser hangers and pigeon holes for ties, belts or jewelry.

Furniture selection
- Do not be limited by the number of square meters. Consider using the space in cubic meters instead! Use the height of the room for storage with taller, modular wardrobes with more dividers inside. Wall shelves like the Chicago Shelves also help utilize the vertical space.
- Use furniture with additional storage and/or for extra space for someone to sleep over. Using a corner sofa that can be used as a sofa bed for when relatives come over for a night stay is a great choice, such as the Elizabeth Corner Sofa.
- Corner sofas are always a winner when it comes to smaller living rooms as they accommodate multiple people without crowding the room. When choosing a corner sofa, consider that lighter colours always make a room look larger and give you more design options later.

- Avoid large light pieces when selecting ceiling or table lamps. Evenly spaced lamps, with light shades and materials are the way to go when lighting any space.


A common trend for children’s rooms is that they are often shared by siblings. Like Felcy Dias’ sons in Kuwait, in the UAE, Placido’s son Daniel also shares his room with his brother, and Dana shares her room with her sister. Brothers and sisters often share a room as well, and it is necessary to consider the preferences of all siblings when styling a room for children.

Tips for children’s rooms:

Using the space
- Avoid clutter by assessing the orientation of the room when working on the furniture layout, and remember that it is not necessary to cover all of the available space with furniture.
- Bunk beds like the Lake White Bunk Bed, and Bailey Bunk Bed are great options to maximize space, while making sure the siblings have room for activities!

Colours and themes
- Use colours that work for all of the siblings’ ages, genders and styles when working on a shared room.
- Style the room with accessories that work for all siblings, while considering function and style. These include accent pieces and wall ornaments which are neutral for different ages and genders.
- Using unique painting and vinyl techniques on walls is an easy way to create a themed room. Themes can be completed by using bedding, lights, rugs and toys in a similar theme to bring the room to life. Since these techniques are temporary, you can easily update the room as your child’s style change as well!


Home Centre Room Makeover winners Hiya from Dubai, and Fatma from Oman were both looking to have a more modern look to their spacious bedrooms, while maintaining some traditional elements.

Tips for contemporary bedrooms with a classical twist:

- Furniture with clean lines and an uncluttered design like the Helen Bedroom Set can give a classic yet modern feel.
- This can also be achieved by combining elements to cater to modern tastes, with a classical finish, for example by combining the modern Prestige Furniture Range with the fabric Angelina Bed.
- It is possible to convert an elegant desk like the Prestige Desk into a makeup table, and use the drawers to organize items.
- Chicago shelves are great décor components. They allow for an easy update to the look of room, by changing accessories such as frames and décor products.

- To give your bed the feel of a 5 star hotel, add high quality linens, such as the 500 thread count Indulgence sheets and pillow cases.
- Monograming pillow cases and robes also adds an elegant and personal touch.


Mohammad from Oman and Mehyar from Kuwait wanted to use the space in their living rooms intelligently by transforming them into multi-purpose recreational rooms where friends and family could spend time together.

Tips for a comfortable living room:

Furniture preference
- A corner sofa is the perfect choice as it can accommodate multiple people and it the best way to make use of corner areas. The Signature sofa is ideal for a large living room as it creates plenty of seating space for family and friends and can be customized to your seating needs.
- Families with children can use coffee and end tables with round edges to create a safe living experience for their little kids and toddlers.

- Shades of grey and neutral colours help create a warm and cozy environment, and the added advantage of light walls is that they make any living space appear larger.
- Painting one wall in the room an accent color highlights the furniture in large living areas and create a focal point in the room.
- Adding green plants or flowers also adds nice texture and a welcoming touch to the environment of the room.


The dining area is the common space where the whole family meets together at the end of the day, therefore, it’s expected to be comfortable and accommodating. You can still have a modern and updated look as well as having storage space, as it was suggested by Mohammad from Oman and Maha from KSA.

Tips for dining areas:

- For a large family, it is necessary to ensure all members are seated comfortably. Large dining sets, like the Victor dining set, are the right choice to ensure that the complete family can enjoy their meals together.
- Families with young children can opt for a bench seating, which allows for fun and comfortable seating for the youngest family members.
- Dining room furniture such as the Dublin dining table can also be used to add a modern and sleek look to the dining area.

- Soothing white and earth tones in dining areas maintain the serenity of the space, which helps the family unwind and enjoy meal times together. To add style to your dinning room, choose dinnerware that has pattern and colours that turn boring into beautiful!

- Cabinets like the Victor Buffet provide ample amount of storage space for the dishes, serving trays and table linens, keeping the dining area neat and organized.

By: Michelle Dinsmore, Head of Visual Merchandising, Home Centre - Dubai, 14.06.2016