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How to Hire Home Help in Dubai

An article prepared by Helping AE -

Each year, ever increasing numbers of expatriates are drawn to Dubai. And for many that settle in the city, the visions of an opulent, sun drenched and tax-free lifestyle, which enticed them to the Middle East, are no mirage. Both newly arrived and veteran expats alike are well placed to enjoy many of the trappings that come with Dubai’s high standard of living; breathtaking contemporary properties, luxury home furnishings, designer goods, and more often than not, domestic help.

However, whilst it’s relatively easy to head out to one of Dubai’s famous shopping malls or sprawling home centres in order to furnish a new home, finding the best cleaning service or maid agency in Dubai is not always as straightforward. For starters, there’s a myriad of different cleaning services and providers to choose from, foreign brand names that you may not recognise, not to mention the well-intentioned but often outdated advice from friends and colleagues, which can make the process seem far more confusing than it has to be.

But no matter if you’ve recently moved to the United Arab Emirates, or simply grown tired of taking care of all the never ending housework on your own, finding the best cleaner in Dubai is easy once you can determine what sort of home help fits best to your lifestyle and to your budget. For busy professionals and young families alike, a good starting point for your search involves asking yourself:

Should you sponsor a live-in maid or hire a cleaner?

The days where expat families simply sponsored live-in maids, or quietly hired cleaners on the black market for a few hours a week, are fading fast. Sweeping changes that were made to labour laws in the UAE, plus newly enforced regulations in countries such as the Philippines, India, and Nepal, have made the process of sponsoring a maid increasingly more expensive and complex than it was just a few years ago.

But while these moves have resulted in largely positive changes to the working conditions experienced by domestic cleaning staff in the UAE, all the paperwork, payments and deposits, necessary health checks and insurance documentation required to sponsor a maid’s visa, can deter many expats from employing a live-in maid.

Alongside these new labour restrictions and regulations, recently introduced penalties for hiring maids and cleaners off the black market have made many Dubai residents think twice about hiring house help illegally. Instead of risking potential jail time, and not to mention very hefty fines for employing black market home help, a considerable number of expats are instead turning to registered cleaning agencies.

If sponsoring a maid sounds like too much of a hassle, your other option is to hire a part-time cleaner from a reliable agency. Finding your cleaner through an agency not only relieves you from all the headaches associated with applying for sponsorship visas, it also eliminates the risks connected to employing illegal cleaning workers. Using a reputable cleaning company not only enables you to take the worry about of hiring a cleaner, but allows you to rest assured, in the knowledge that your home is being looked after by someone with a great deal of professional experience.

How to search for the right cleaner for your home in Dubai

If you’ve decided that hiring a part-time maid, or even a one-off cleaner is the best way forward for you and your home, the next step forward is knowing where to search for a local Dubai cleaner that you can trust to not only leave your home looking spick and span, but to treat your home with as much care as you do. It’s easy to flip through newspaper classifieds or online search results, but if almost every maid agency and residential cleaning company in Dubai claims to be the best in the business, who should you trust

Trustworthy, professional cleaning companies should employ well-trained and friendly cleaning staff, who have all the necessary legal documents to work in Dubai. Ideally, you should be looking for a service that can offer you an easy to use booking system, a transparent pricing structure, a secure method of payment, and have a customer support team at the ready. Not all cleaning companies have the same standards of cleanliness, so try to stay clear of companies that have bad reviews, that don’t seem to be interested in receiving customer feedback, or can’t offer you proper receipts for their services.

It’s important to choose a home cleaner that you feel comfortable with, who will not only leave your home sparkling from top to bottom, but can be trusted with your valuables. If you’re still getting used to the idea of employing home help, it may be best to search for a company that ensures that all of its staff have had background checks, personal interviews, and tests to determine their cleaning knowledge and experience.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the company employs cleaners that are fully able to communicate in a language that you’re comfortable using. That way, not only is it easy to explain how you would like your home to be cleaned, but you can express any worries or ask any questions you might have to the company’s customer service representatives.

Consider hiring a Helpling

If you’re looking to hire a part-time cleaner, either for a weekly, fortnightly, or once-off clean, consider hiring a Helpling. Helpling is an online service that matches your cleaning requirements to experienced Dubai cleaners, who are fully licensed to work in the Emirates. In just a few short clicks, you can arrange for a Helpling cleaner to assist with your home cleaning needs, whether it be mopping, scrubbing, sweeping, or ironing. Enter in your cleaning needs, alongside your home address and desired time and date, and Helpling will do all the rest.

Helpling’s cleaning services are available throughout Dubai, and are a reliable and affordable alternative to sponsoring a live-in maid. Helpling’s part time cleaners have all passed a strict interview process, to certify that they can both clean and communicate to a very high standard. By allowing you to choose the time and length of your cleaning booking, you can fit your weekly, fortnightly, or one-off home clean around work, school pick up and drop off times, and whatever else life throws at you. So if housework is a hassle, consider hiring a Helpling!

An article prepared by Helping AE -, Dubai 31.08.2016