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Company name Zenesis - Business Setup in Dubai
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Business setup in UAE is one of the simplest in the whole world. In fact, today emirate offers a possibility to get all the necessary permissions for setting up a business in Dubai in only 15 days. Due to this, the region managed to appear on the 33 place in the rating of the easiest places to do business in the world. - See more at: http://www.zenesiscorp.com/#sthash.EgnFSxlO.dpuf

If you don’t know how to start a business in Dubai – don’t worry! Our team of professional lawyers will do their best to help you. First of all you should know that the government offers two ways of business setup in Dubai:

- You can perform a conjunction with a partner, who is living in UAE. He would own 51% of your company. This is called LLC or Limited Liability Company. The other way is much more interesting

– You can set up business in Dubai in free economic zones. This is the way that offers you 100% ownership and some other advantages, like zero per cent tax, possibility to do international business, open bank accounts etc.

You should know that Dubai business set up requires some special knowledge in order to do everything correctly. That is why many beginning businessmen turn to our agency for help. We will do our best to be sure that every aspect of preparation is done correctly in order to save you from any inconveniences.

According to your requirements we can offer you a custom package of business services in UAE. We are ready to help with any problem: from selecting a name for your company to the complicated process of obtaining permit applications for your business.

As Dubai is one of the best cities for investments you should find the specialists, who will help you to perform them in the right way. For this, and many other legal services you can turn to the lawyers of Zenesis Corporation. We provide professional help at affordable prices!

- See more at: http://www.zenesiscorp.com/#sthash.EgnFSxlO.dpuf 


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