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Liquidation is nothing but cancellation of company. Liquidation / Cancellation of a company is an intricate procedure and cannot be done at once with the decision made. There has to be a mutual agreement in case of shareholders and you will also need to associate yourself with several governmental trials.

The proceedings given out but the Department of Economic Development involves: acquiring a Commercial Register certificate stating that the company is under liquidation, two local newspapers for 45 days by the liquidator's accounting the liquidation of the company, submitting the original announcements, no objection certification by the liquidator, submission of letters to the governmental authorities to cancel commercial license, pay fees to the authorities and obtaining the License Cancellation Certificate. There are also formalities related to bank closures, audit for the financial statements for liquidation of company, no liability certificate, employees visa cancellation, labor card cancellation and clearance certificates, immigration card cancellation and clearance certificate, liquidation report preparation and more – to get it all done at easy contact Asnaad Consultancy as we guide you through the Liquidation process.

Dismantling something you built brick by brick can be a heart-wrenching task, let Asnaad Business Management Consultancy take care of all the procedures needed to be catered during the closure of your company.


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  • Asnaad Consultancy,
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