Outsourced Payroll Solutions

Basic information

Company name Outsourced Payroll Solutions
Type Premium customer type
Category Financial Service

Contact information

Phone +971 4 4466 309
E-mail info@ops.ae
URL http://ops.ae/
Street and number Dubai Internet City
City Dubai
ZIP Building 2
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

At Outsourced Payroll Solutions, our singular aim every day is to experience the satisfaction of a signed off payroll! Adding to that, the personal involvement of managing the transactional Human Resource Administration of our clients, gives us the gratification of a job well done. This is what we do, this is why we are in business.

At Outsourced Payroll Solutions, we welcome our clients as entities that have unique, individual requirements. We use our expertise to transform these requirements in optimized business processes, to enable clients to have accurate transactions and valuable information at their disposal.

We invite you to meet with us and get to know how we can do this for you.


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