Expat Wealth Care

Basic information

Company name Expat Wealth Care
Type Premium customer type
Category Financial Service

Contact information

Phone 971508894735
E-mail info@expatwealthcare.com
URL http://www.expatwealthcare.com/
Street and number PO Box 24592
City Dubai
ZIP 24592
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Expat Wealth Care is an independent brand created and operated by Stefan Terry. We provide advice and guidance on the topic of financial planning, solely focussing our strengths on the Middle Eastern market. Stefan has been advising clients in this region for over 7 years and Stefan’s support team has carefully been selected to ensure that customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level throughout the relationship with our company.

Expat wealth care is a prominent financial planning company in middle east. Our team are carefully guiding all expats and local of the middle east in tax efficient saving and financial planning. We deals in retirement, education, life cover,critical illness and medical cover plan.


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