Abdulhusain & Associates Chartered Accountants

Basic information

Company name Abdulhusain & Associates Chartered Accountants
Type Premium customer type
Category Financial Service

Contact information

Phone +97142284452
E-mail anassociates74@yahoo.com
URL http://anassociates.ae
Street and number Office #2403, Mazaya Business Avenue
City Dubai
ZIP 0000
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Abdulhusain and Associates is proud to be the first choice of the UAE public for audit and finance services. As the company was established in the year 1979, we have numerous years of experience. This is why we are able to handle all complexities of a project.

As Dubai is a financial and business hub, there are many companies and investors who come from different backgrounds globally. Our accounting company, Abdulhusain and Associates can help you manage audit and finance in the best way. The company has several years of experience and professional employees who ensure to meet clients’ requirements. Our wide variety of excellent services includes Accounting & Financial Services, Company Business Planning, Audit & Assurance Services, Owners Association Audit, Tax’s Accounting (VAT), Forensic Accounting, Balance Sheet Audit, Court Expert Witness, Projects Cash Flow, Statutory Audit, Escrow Account Audit, Information System Audit, Business Valuation, and much more. No matter what field it is, you can always count on Abudlhusain and Associates.


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