Optimum Dry Ice Cleaning

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Company name Optimum Dry Ice Cleaning
Type Premium customer type
Category Business Chambers

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Phone +971 4 286 5373
Mobile +971 56 827 7044
E-mail odico@yandex.com
URL http://odico.ae/
Street and number Office #607, CEO building, Dubai investment Park 1, Dubai, UAE
City Dubai
ZIP 487070
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

If you want any kind of cleaning services related to a yacht or marine ships, aircraft, commercial and residential buildings or in advertising sign board. We offer cleaning services in both interior and exterior mediums. All projects are taken on a contractual basis. Our name is famous for doing the cleaning process in the specified time which we mention in our contract. We use dry ice blasting cleaning service to provide fast and effective cleaning service in addition to maximum safety with all precautions. Our technique of dry ice does not produce any waste materials or any solvent because the ice is sublimated in the atmosphere. Dry ice blasting is essential for any kind of adhesive removals, oil removals, wax & petroleum removals, algae removals, tar, grease and corrosion removals.


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