Zawdeh SME Business Community

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Company name Zawdeh SME Business Community
Type Premium customer type
Category Business Chambers

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Phone +97145520100
Mobile +97145520100
Fax +97145520100
Street and number 501, Tiffany Tower, W Cluster, JLT
City dubai
ZIP 337130
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Zawdeh is the SME Booster, a unique cooperative business model that empowers the SMEs by giving them the bargaining power of a large enterprise, decreasing their annual overhead cost and at the same time increasing their revenue through Zawdeh’s online Marketplace, where SMEs get the chance to promote special offers to all other Members as well as the public. Zawdeh will facilitate that by creating the Business Community platform for all parties to meet and trade. Partners will provide their products & services with added savings, and the Members will have the chance to purchase those products in an automated and easy to follow process, at the same time the Members will have the chance to promote special offers that will generate revenue to their company. https://za

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A Business Community with the aim to empower and boost the SMEs by giving them the best barganing power over their purchases and increase their sales and revenue through Zawdeh's Marketplace

 VISION To boost SMEs by giving them an economical bargaining and revenue generating power.
MISSION To create a sustainable model where Zawdeh SMEs trade regularly among themselves, the public and with selective Partners leading to a win for all situation.
THE MEANING OF ZAWDEH "Zawdeh" is an Arabic word which means “more” or “increase” in English. The company was named Zawdeh to reflect its mission of making SMEs receive more value for their purchases and secure more privileges while trading with selective Partners, also increase their sales and revenue through advertising special offers on the Zawdeh Marketplace.
THE TEAM The team behind this idea is a group of entrepreneurs who established several startup businesses previously and lived through the pain of being underprivileged as small companies and suffered that on a day to day basis. They decided to bring Zawdeh to market and help SMEs step up to a better economical position as they are trying to develop themselves and grow.


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