Yueqing Bou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

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Company name Yueqing Bou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Type Premium customer type
Category IT

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Phone +86-4009901777
Fax +86-4009901777
E-mail sales@cnbou.com
URL http://www.cnbou.com/
Street and number Floor 6,Building B,Leshang Pioneer Park,Economic Development Zone
City Yueqing
ZIP 325606
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

CNBOU is a one of the leading Chinese manufacturers & Suppliers of power inverter. We are offering total solar system products at very affordable price.

CNBOU Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the Research, Development, Production, and Sales of solar energy products. CNBOU’s technological updates are leading the way in the off-grid solar industry. We have sold over 67,219 inverters since the company was founded four years ago. That’s a total power of 81,923,300 watts, sold to 155 countries around the world! Recently, CNBOU has also established pre-sales and post-sales service centers in the USA, Turkey, Italy, Algeria, and Yemen. CNBOU is striving to become a world-class leader in the new energy movement.

 company information

CNBOU has its own professional R&D center, which includes software, hardware, and structural engineers.  To meet our customer’s high OEM requirements, the complete development and testing of new products are done “in-house”.  Our factory also has a Standard Production Management System.  Each inverter and controller is required to pass at least six Quality Testing Standards, to ensure that every product will meet our customer’s requirements.  We understand that “Quality is the Life of Enterprise”.

CNBOU has a very passionate sales team that strives to be “Efficient, Professional and Responsible”.  The goal is to provide the Best Customer Service in the industry.  We believe that a sincere sales team will bring a great value to the customer.


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