Nshama Development, llc

Basic information

Company name Nshama Development, llc
Type Premium customer type
Category Real Estate

Contact information

Phone +971 56 504 8183
E-mail samuel@nshama.ae
URL http://nshama.ae
Street and number Town Square Visitor Centre, Downtown Dubai
City Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Nshama is a private developer of integrated lifestyle communities differentiated by its focus on offering distinct value propositions for aspiring home-owners. Bringing the expertise of project development professionals from around the world, backed by strong domain knowledge, Nshama aims to create elegantly master-planned neighborhoods that are smart, interconnected, networked, tech-driven and sustainable. Nshama projects are truly self-contained and offer residents all their needs in close proximity. Its projects are differentiated at all touch points - from value to amenities, location and sustainability considerations. Investing in Nshama enables customers to shift their lifestyle from a predominantly rent-driven model to an own end-user home that is cost-competitive and a solid inv


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