Smart Time EMS Fitness

Basic information

Company name Smart Time EMS Fitness
Type Premium customer type
Category Health & Wellness

Contact information

Phone +971 42 639322
Street and number 9th Street, Amaya Plaza
City Dubai
ZIP 0000
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Smart Time EMS Fitness is the first EMS gym to offer wireless EMS technology to the users. Smart Time EMS Fitness provides instant ways of losing weight and acquiring a toned body with Easy Motion Skin. At Smart Time EMS Fitness you can only spend 20-minutes of your time per week and obtain that beautiful body you have been dreaming of! Smart Time EMS Fitness is located in several areas of UAE.

At Smart Time EMS fitness studio in Nad Al Hammar we provide an environment that will favor your fitness goals with only 25 minutes a week! With EMS fitness techniques and German manufactured Easy Motion Skin EMS suit you can achieve the body you have been dreaming of in no time! At our Smart Time EMS fitness studio, we give the encouragement and individualized attention that will make exercising more effective and efficient. Our professional trainers are well experienced in EMS fitness devices and help you with any adaptations you might need. At Smart Time EMS gym, we also take time to study your diet routines and lifestyle, so that we can accordingly complement your exercise routine.


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