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The best mom and baby magazine providing you Pregnancy Tips that will make your experience memorable with Parental Guidance throughout each step of motherhood.

Being pregnant is one of the wonderful moments in a woman's life. But for a pregnant woman,it is very important to take care of herself. She should visit the doctor regularly and get the proper check-up timely. The pregnant woman should take appropriate prescription from the doctor and must follow that. Some couples become so excited that they start taking the parental guidance.

No doubt it is one of the best times for every couple but you need to be very careful at this point of time. You have to follow your practitioner's advice, take extra care of yourself. You need to keep yourself healthy and make yourself and your baby the main priority. These are some pregnancy tips which will help youenjoy this special period in your life. They are –

  • Good parental care is important to the health of your child. Take an appointment as soon as you come to know you are pregnant and don't skip any of the parental appointments.
  •  One of the important tips is – stop smoking, if possible before you get pregnant but definitely once you are pregnant. Smoking is evil for the baby's health, and also do not allow people to smoke around you.
  • Also, stop drinking. Consuming alcohols during pregnancy is very harmful to the infant’s health and kindly avoid it throughout the nursing period as well.
  •  Make exercises your favourite time pass.Once you consult your doctor and take his advice regarding this, you can make the exercise a part of your daily routine.Exercise is beneficial while you are pregnant as it helps reduce the time you spend in labour, aids in the recovery following the birth.
  • Moreover, the woman needs to exercise post pregnancy as they gain so much weight during that time. Many women go through this problem and they visit doctors to get the advice on how to lose weight. Proper diet and exercise are required to get back in shape. 


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