Al Shamsi Trading

Basic information

Company name Al Shamsi Trading
Type Premium customer type
Category Retail

Contact information

Phone 043804000
Fax 043804004
Street and number Sheikh Zayed Road, Manazel AlSafa Tower
City Dubai
ZIP 4067
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Al Shamsi was founded in 1955. A company formed traditional business values of honesty, integrity and service, which have remained faithful to the family values of the enterprise. The respect for culture and the concern for providing quality products and business with ethical values still exists.


Al Shamsi is committed to provide the industry with quality products produced by renowned manufacturers who adhere to the corporate policies of enhancing "Environment & Technology". 

We are delivering the products includes,

Bathroom collections & Accessories
Kitchen collections & Accessories
Walls & Floorings
Water heaters 


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