Sand Dance

Basic information

Company name Sand Dance
Type Premium customer type
Category Retail

Contact information

Phone 0800-222-111
Mobile +971 56 511 5894
Street and number 2
City Dubai
ZIP 3901
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Sand dance tyre is the best automobile company in UAE.

You Should not ignore the importance of good tyres and what they do for your Vehicle.Tyres are the main contact between you and road. Good tyres are the quality of the safe ride. Tyres are the important part of your car that provides luxury travel. tyres have nitrogen or air act as a spring and increase your comfort level. please check your car tyres depth tread 1.6mm are normal if its less than 3 mm or 4 mm change your tyres. If you hear any unusual sounds or vibrates, its best solution wheel alignment. Sand dance tyres firstly checked your tyres depth. If your tyres in a normal condition we cannot change your tyres.
Our services
Wheel alignment with computerized machines.
Engine Oil filter change 99 Dhs
Free battery performance checkup.
Our timings are 8:00 am to midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Friday. Please dial 0800-222-111 WhatsApp +971 56 511 5894 and visit our website
Address In Dubai (OPEN)
AL Qouz 4 corner of 22ndst 19st
Tel:042665666, 05651115894


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