Excellence UAE

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Company name Excellence UAE
Type Premium customer type
Category Education

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Phone +971 48855651
Mobile +971 554549060
E-mail info@excellence-uae.com
URL www.excellence-uae.com
Street and number PO.BOX 643552
City Dubai
ZIP 643552
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Excellence UAE was formed in the UAE (2013) by an accomplished consultant with an industrial, operational and management background. Over the years he has specialised in the areas of strategic analysis and execution, lean manufacturing, operational excellence, education and training.
The Excellence UAE team is a group of experienced, dynamic and passionate employees who will do whatever is required to satisfy our Customers.

Excellence UAE was born in the UAE for the UAE and aims to become a national centre of excellence; providing a channel of communication and development between multi-sector (industry, services and government) experts. We will guide companies through their journey of operational and business excellence, providing a cost effective service that closes the gap between being certified in the fundamentals of ISO9001 and ‘what’s next?’
OUR MISSION: Our journey begins by defining who we are and what we are about. Our mission defines our primary purpose and objectives, setting the benchmark by which we will judge our actions and decisions:

‘To delight and inspire our Customers by relentlessly delivering value and creating the culture of Excellence where everything is possible; we, experienced and motivated employees, show passion and commitment in everything we do, making this Country a better Country everyday’.
OUR VISION: Our vision provides the framework through which we will motivate our employees to perform to the best of their ability. 

‘To be the business excellence consulting company of choice, in the markets in which we operate, prosperous, innovative and integrated, ensuring continuous success of our Customers’
OUR VALUES AND BEHAVIOURS: Defining a common set of values, helps us to achieve our vision by adopting a consistent approach. These values make our mission and vision real by promoting the behaviours we can expect at every level within our organisation.
  • We honour our words, we are reliable, and we follow the strictest ethics and compliance systems both professionally and legally.
  • We will deliver to our Customers real value without compromising their values.
  • We treat our employees in accordance with those high standards at all times ensuring that we are fair!
  • In everything we do.
  • Passion in what we teach, in what we create and in what we do.
  • We have the passion for discovery and exploration, the passion to be the best and the passion to find at least one improvement for our stakeholders on a daily basis!


  • Everything can be and must be improved - we like it!
  • We strongly believe that things should be done right the first time.
  • Every success and failure is a learning opportunity to go one step further and be better every day.
  • Innovation is always in our minds, seeking out better ways to do things. 
  • We are optimistic and positive so – excellence - let's find it!


  • We want success.
  • We want our Customers to be successful to achieve their expected results; this is a measure of our success.
  • We want our Company to be successful and profitable.
  • We want our employees and those we work with to be successful; in their jobs, their families and in society.
  • We want to shine!
At Excellence UAE we want to be the centre of business excellence that is widely respected for its professionalism and diversity, and where our customers understand the value of what we do. We build a reputation that is built on local and international standards, best practice, competent leadership and committed employees that are inspired to continually strive to be the best at what they do because:
  • We respect opinions, expression, experience and contribution.
  • All stakeholders, no matter their race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability, age, economic status or role are valued and treated equally.
  • We will carry out our activities in a sustainable way .
  • We will at all times ensure that health, safety and the environment are considered in not only our activities, but the activities of our Customers.
We are proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Our principles compel us to believe in our ability to provide you with our best for every task we complete. This is our promise. Likewise we want you to be an active part of this journey, so if you have any requests or concerns, let us help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us so our team of experts can start providing all the support that you have been looking for.


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