Cross Borders Art

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Company name Cross Borders Art
Type Premium customer type
Category Brand

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Phone 0562184567
Street and number 127961
City Dubai
ZIP 32456
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Based in Dubai, Cross Borders Art Gallery in Dubai aims to express the creative spirit of more than 200 regional to international artists. We provide a vigorous digital platform to brilliant artists to showcase their enchanting art pieces including paintings, sculptures, still captures, calligraphy and much more.

We are intended to bridge the gap regional artists often face while connecting to global art market.  Since inception, we consistently participate in art events and exhibitions to promote our allied artists and disseminate their artwork worldwide. Cross Borders Art Gallery, under its hood, contains huge collection of unique artwork with affordable price tags. It’s the premium place to experience the true essence of conventional to contemporary artwork produced by artists from Middle East to Europe and Asia.   


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