Petra Scape Landscaping & Irrigation Contracting Company

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Company name Petra Scape Landscaping & Irrigation Contracting Company
Type Premium customer type
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Phone 0097137219450
Fax 0097137219850
Street and number 1
City Al Ain
ZIP 00000
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

PetraScape is a landscaping and irrigation contracting company based in Al Ain & Abu Dhabi. It has been creating the most authentic & unique landscape designs for more than a decade now. It prides itself in serving people of UAE by designing & building every detail of their outdoor environment.

Our services include:
Hardscape: We offer a wide range of hardscape services and help to turn your bland looking space into a masterpiece of elegant design by incorporating swimming pools, fountains, water falls, sitting areas, lighting, water channel and features into it. We also uplift the look by use of tiles, stepping stones & stamp concrete.
Softscape: We help you get close to nature by bringing it right next to your doors. We make your space go green & colorful by planting trees, shrubs, ground covers, hedges, flowers, cactus and by growing different grass on your lawn like carpet grass & Stolon. We also provide top dressing & verticutting services. We also help you to have a well-functioning automated/manual irrigation system installed.
Greenhouses: We specialize in bringing together nature with design by making projects that are in accordance to the design & horticultural needs of our clients. We provide fiber glass, plastic, poly carbonate & hydroponic greenhouses customized for our customers.
Artificial Grass: Whether it is a residential lawn, playground or football ground, we provide the best quality of artificial grass for every need. We offer a variety of artificial grass with different thickness for our clients to choose from.
Rubber & Sports Flooring: We offer a variety of rubber flooring solution designed for sports, amusement or personal space. From basketball courts, racing tracks to playgrounds, we provide flooring that combines aesthetics, durability, resilience and functionality to give the best value.
Landscape Design: We design landscape by identifying your needs and offering guidance throughout the project. The final idea is shown using CAD & 3D software.
Visit our website or call us at +971 3 721 9450, +971 50 619 4614, +971 2 645 1817
Abu Dhabi: Office No. 4 & 5, Rashid Sultan Al Muhairy Building, Navy Gate, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi.
Al Ain: Office # 2, Abdullah Hamar Ain Building, St No. 1, Industrial Area, Al Ain.


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