Amex Cars

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Company name Amex Cars
Type Premium customer type
Category Transport

Contact information

Phone 04 2989 350
Mobile 052 640 4032
Street and number 2218 Burj Khalifa, Emaar Boulevard
City Downtown Dubai
ZIP 35114
Country United Arab Emirates

Company information

Amexcars makes visiting Dubai an enjoyable, stress-free, and affordable experience. When you land at the airport, we will have a courteous and helpful Amex staff member waiting there to pick you up. Even if you live in Dubai and need an another fleet to replace your own vehicle while it’s undergoing repair. We can handle all the paper work with the insurance company for you, and get you into a new vehicle right away. Our ultimate goal is to take as much of the burden as possible off of yours, that is what you should expect From Amex whenever you look for a conveyance..

We will help you choose a high-quality vehicle that meets the scope of your particular budget. From the fuel efficient hybrid vehicles to the high end sports car, there is something for everyone in our variety of fleet..

The other thing that distinguishes our unmatched services from the rank-and-file travel companies in this area is our commitment to new and exciting Internet specials. We encourage anyone interested in saving money to frequently check with our website, where we continuously post new deals available only online.

You have many choices for transportation while moving in Dubai, but the reality is that not all vehicle renting companies are created equal. Many businesses offering pick and drop facilities to airport for instance treat their customers like products on a factory assembly line. Their goal is to get you in the door and back out again as quickly as possible, so they can move on to the next customer’s wallet. We’ve all experienced this: customer representatives that don’t take the time to answer your questions, or are rushing so much that they make mistakes that only cause you more headache. Here at Amex, however, every customer gets VIP treatment. We are in for the long haul; that means it is more important for us to treat customers well and foster long-term relationships. If our large and still growing base of loyal customers is any indication, it is our customer service that has been working well for us and for our customers who depend on us..

We are known not only for our superior customer service, but also for a diverse fleet of extremely well-maintained vehicles. Here you will find everything from stylish convertibles to SUVs, luxury, green vehicles, and much more. To get additional information about fleet available for hiring through Amex, please contact us directly with your questions. We believe that our customers should feel lavished with luxury long before we even hand you the keys to your vehicle. And when it comes time to choose your vehicle, we strongly believe that Amexcars also mean having your pick of the cream of the crop, from a wide variety of different styles. That is why here at Amex, you will find everything from standard vehicle to SUVs, luxury vehicles, green fleet, convertibles, and specialty fleets. Tired of the same old cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all mentality at other car rental Dubai companies!! Then you have come to the right place.


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