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Company name Sell Car Get Cash
Type Premium customer type
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Phone 0097147093033
Street and number Dubai
City Dubai
ZIP 23100
Country United Arab Emirates

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Sell Car Get Cash is a car selling the platform that provides the “best in business” services to its customers for the selling of their car.
Content is the best car buying service provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all other major cities of the UAE. Car selling becomes easy when you choose as we have a highly reliable process which ensures the best profits for car sellers. You don’t need to now take the option of classifieds which are full of risks and not even need to go to professional dealers who are always looking to get their profits when you sell them your car. is the ultimate solution for all your car selling concerns. You sell your car in short time and get the best resale value for your car.

Benefits of Selling your Car to
There are a number of benefits associated with selling a car to It is the most reliable car buying platform in the UAE which gives many free services to car sellers like car valuation and physical inspection with which they can easily know the right value for their car and sell it at most competitive rates.

Listed below are the major benefits you get when you sell your car to

Free Car Valuation offers free car valuation services for car sellers in the UAE. Now with the free online car valuation tool offered by, you can easily get an idea of the market value of your car without any hassle. You will need to put few details of your car in our online car valuation tool and it will estimate the correct value of your car.

Free Physical Inspection
Once done with the car valuation, you can book a meeting with us for free physical inspection of your car and you must always keep in mind that it is only after the physical inspection of your car that we will tell you the final price for it.

Guaranteed Purchase offers guaranteed purchase of every car we inspect. On physical inspection, an amount is offered to the car seller and on agreement, the deal gets done.

Selling of Car in just 30 Minutes
We do not take more than 30 minutes to complete the selling process of your car and in this way you get done with the selling of your car quickly and without any hassle.

Sell Any Car to
You can actually sell any car to even if it is damaged or a non-runner. We buy any car in any condition in just 30 minutes.

Electronic Bank Transfer offers the most transparent method for payment of amount of your car. Once the whole paperwork gets done and title of the car gets transferred, we deliver the amount in your bank account through electronic bank transfer.

Post-Sales Paperwork handles the whole post-sales paperwork on its own and keeps the car sellers away from all troubles. We have a highly systematic approach with which the post-sales paperwork gets done in the most authentic manner. is the Best Place to Sell Your Car
With all the benefits mentioned above, we are the most competent car buying service provider in the UAE. With our services, you will not only get the best resale value for your used car in Dubai and other cities of the UAE but also avoid the hassles of car selling. You get done with selling your car in just 30 minutes which makes our process highly fast and efficient.


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