en Events on DubaiConnect.ae – powered by DubaiConnect.ae http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s424/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events Events on DubaiConnect.ae portal – powered by DubaiConnect.ae Mon, 29 May 2017 15:18:58 GMT Mon, 29 May 2017 14:18:58 GMT 60 DubaiConnect.ae RSS 2.0 generator Risk Management Training Programme http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6436-Risk-Management-Training-Programme http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6436-Risk-Management-Training-Programme Exploit your potential... Pursue a career in RISK MANAGEMENT. ASSOCIATE IN RISK MANAGEMENT (ARM). Starting 29 January 2017 | Dubai, UAE. Risk management is business discipline that identifies, assesses and treats risks and opportunities facing every business organization. Over the last few years, the number of jobs in Risk Management has grown exponentially in the following areas: Petrochemical industry. Industry & Manufacturing. Hospitality and Tourism. Banking and Finance. Insurance. Construction. Healthcare. Education. Government. Utilities and Public Services. Transport and logistics. The Institutes' Associate in Risk Management is the premier designation for all risk management professionals. It helps you enhance your risk management skills by teaching you how to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrids. RISC Institute offers tuition program leading to the ARM designation over a period of 10 months part-time study with options for in-class tuition or live virtual classes. Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training. Artists / Speakers: Mr. Silvan Said ACII ARM CII Accredited Advanced Insurance Trainer, Mr. Khaled Ayoub ARM CORP BAID BIMD. URLs: Brochure: https://go.evvnt.com/73818-0 Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/73818-1 Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/73818-3 Custom: https://go.evvnt.com/73818-4 Prices: Full ARM Programme: AED 12000, ARM 54 Risk Management Principles and Practices: AED 4375, ARM 55 Risk Assessment and Treatment: AED 4375, ARM 56 Risk Financing: AED 4375. Sun, 29 Jan 2017 15:00:00 GMT Enterprise Messaging Services in Dubai http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6859-Enterprise-Messaging-Services-in-Dubai http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6859-Enterprise-Messaging-Services-in-Dubai Vectramind is the most preferred company in the Middle East for Mobile Marketing solutions like bulksms ,text messaging and mobile texting .Our  expertise lies in enabling brands to target mobile advertising more effectively through digital channels. Fri, 03 Feb 2017 08:44:00 GMT Cheapest Vip Escorts Girls in Bur Dubai +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7663-Cheapest-Vip-Escorts-Girls-in-Bur-Dubai-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7663-Cheapest-Vip-Escorts-Girls-in-Bur-Dubai-971523202298 They can give you unique piece of enjoyment on bed. During your stay with these sexy Escorts in Dubai and adorable beauties you will get addicted for them. Whatever your wishes are they just do the same that you are expecting from them. They belong to different nations such as Russian escorts, Pakistani Escorts, Indian Escorts and many others are also working as Pakistani call girls in Dubai . Fri, 14 Apr 2017 16:36:00 GMT saba khan http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7444-saba-khan http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7444-saba-khan Dubai Models Girls organization has a reputation for supplying importance Dubai escorts service. These escorts are complete of enjoyment, self-confidence and have simple going personalities. You will seem instantly at ease in their business and discover that our cheap escorts in dubai are expressive and good conversationalists. Here at our Escorts organization we dignity ourselves on giving our clients brilliance. All our filipino call girls in Dubai have top class escorting abilities and you will not be let down either of our escorts you choose. One evening with one of our simply beautiful  escorts will leave you in no hesitation that our indian escorts organization offer one of the most excellent escorts services in the homeland. Sun, 16 Apr 2017 14:25:00 GMT Find Latest Top Dubai Escorts Service +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7445-Find-Latest-Top-Dubai-Escorts-Service-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7445-Find-Latest-Top-Dubai-Escorts-Service-971523202298 In the city like Dubai  where lots of Dubai escorts provides erotic fun as most of them have proper feelings and creates perfect chemistry with guys. As most of the people love to see the girl of own choice but there are large number of escort agencies which offers regular escorts. The fresh wind of sensual pleasures is just now on your feet of willingness because there are few ultra sexy Pakistani escorts in dubai. Choosing a hilarious escorts in dubai is the chance to meet outstanding escort girls wearing traditional dresses. Escorts services are become so famous this days and it is available on major city in Dubai. Moreover on that there are few offers in Dubai of bringing the VIP Escorts in dubai sometimes you can say as High Class Model escort in dubai. Sun, 16 Apr 2017 23:54:00 GMT FIND LATEST TOP DUBAI ESCORTS SERVICE +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7446-FIND-LATEST-TOP-DUBAI-ESCORTS-SERVICE-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7446-FIND-LATEST-TOP-DUBAI-ESCORTS-SERVICE-971523202298 Vipindianpakistanigirls.com is one of the largest escort agencies in Dubai which is providing high level of erotic services in Dubai.  For any other assistance there are lots of resources where all these escorts beauties helpful information available. Dubai Companions are the accommodated girls who just arrived to Dubai to provide extra ordinary escort services. Mon, 17 Apr 2017 14:35:00 GMT Welcome to Hot Escorts in Dubai +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7472-Welcome-to-Hot-Escorts-in-Dubai-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7472-Welcome-to-Hot-Escorts-in-Dubai-971523202298 It is believed that the dubai escorts are not as good as the escorts associated to the agency but it is not so. Independent escorts are associated to the agency but independent means that the client can contact them directly. The agency will play the role of organizing the date. Also, it serves as a protecting guard for the escorts. Talking directly to these models makes the client more comfortable. Wed, 19 Apr 2017 17:57:00 GMT WELCOME TO HOT ESCORTS IN DUBAI +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7659-WELCOME-TO-HOT-ESCORTS-IN-DUBAI-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7659-WELCOME-TO-HOT-ESCORTS-IN-DUBAI-971523202298 classiness and how to behave among high class individuals. There are lots of escort agencies available in Dubai but you can also find ample of Independent Escorts Dubai . You can call them directly. They are not associated to any agency most of the time but still they provide you the best services. You can talk to them directly and arrange a date. They also have their terms and conditions and rates depending on them. Thu, 20 Apr 2017 14:54:00 GMT Independent Best Top Escorts in Dubai +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7660-Independent-Best-Top-Escorts-in-Dubai-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7660-Independent-Best-Top-Escorts-in-Dubai-971523202298 However, the Escorts in dubai is looking outstanding for having top escorts services to cover a get any sort of services to use forever. In fact, the majority of the individuals are rendering for the cheap call girls and Indian Escort in dubai to take on the escort’s services with simple way. Of course, there are plenty of individuals are extremely looking for the vast experience escorts and established escorts to supervise for their top escorts organization to use with simple way. Fri, 21 Apr 2017 00:40:00 GMT Massage Escort In Dubai +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7685-Massage-Escort-In-Dubai-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7685-Massage-Escort-In-Dubai-971523202298 My name is Sofirah. I am 5'8", 115 lbs. with a perfect 36-24-36 figure. I have long dark hair, green eyes and very full lips. I provide a true girl friend experience along with great conversation and look forward to meeting you soon! I'm an independent Filipino call girls in dubai companion who will come over to your HOTEL as well as in-call in my apartment I love to do PROSTATE MASSAGE Body to Body SENSUAL EROTIC MASSAGE I love to sex and I am open to all situations and encounters and I genuinely enjoy what I do Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:13:00 GMT You Must Want To Know About Dubai Escorts +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7684-You-Must-Want-To-Know-About-Dubai-Escorts-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7684-You-Must-Want-To-Know-About-Dubai-Escorts-971523202298 Welcome to all traveler at Dubai Escorts platform that is an amusement region in Dubai. The satisfactory pinnacle level Indian escort’s enterprise in UAE for individuals who are looking for excellent VIP Indian escorts in Dubai. Various humans constantly like Indian escort in Dubai and they love forever to discover their preferred one. While you bounce at the threat to have a good deal diversion in Abu Dhabi, selecting the excessive magnificence escort management might be an super opportunity. Individuals love Abu Dhabi, which is a wonderful spot for diversion and commercial enterprise sporting activities. Might you want to get a remarkable enjoyment with the carefree young girls, you can benefit superb Pakistani Escort in Dubai . Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:40:00 GMT Swimming Lessons for 18 months - 4 year olds http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7689-Swimming-Lessons-for-18-months-4-year-olds http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7689-Swimming-Lessons-for-18-months-4-year-olds Teaching an infant or toddler to swim is not only a matter of safety, it's also a great way to stimulate the child's physical coordination, concentration and intelligence. That's right. By teaching your child the proper swimming techniques, you can actually enhance his or her learning ability, while also making your child happier, healthier, and more self-confident. Our teaching methodology is based on the revolutionary learning principles developed at our globally renowned partner institute, which has been a pioneer in early childhood development for over 60 years. The Masterminds Swimming Programme develops all the core skills necessary to swim properly, including breath control, kicking and submersion. All of these skills come together as we teach your child to dive, float, swim - as well as love being in the water. Angie Withey - Masterminds Swimming Coach 'I have always been a great believer that children should be exposed to the water from a very early age. What attracted me to the Masterminds philosophy was the fact that children are exposed to many different programs including a very strong swimming and physical programme. I have a wealth of experience in teaching swimming from babies through to elite athletes. The thing I enjoy the most about working with Masterminds is seeing the children achieve and reach their full potential.' Urls: YouTube: https://go.evvnt.com/120540-0 Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/120540-2 Custom: https://go.evvnt.com/120540-3 Prices: Small Group: AED 100 Individual: AED 150 Category: Kids / Family | Classes Tue, 25 Apr 2017 13:00:00 GMT Best Escorts Services in Dubai +971551463206 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7691-Best-Escorts-Services-in-Dubai-971551463206 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7691-Best-Escorts-Services-in-Dubai-971551463206 Dubai Top Escorts offer you higher class girls in Dubai, female models, Indian escort in dubai , qualified call girls, sizzling model escorts, college girls, erotic massage girls, aspiring Indian models, Pakistani escorts in dubai etc. Tue, 25 Apr 2017 19:45:00 GMT INDIAN PAKISTANI RUSSIAN FILIPINO ESCORTS +971551463206​ http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7692-INDIAN-PAKISTANI-RUSSIAN-FILIPINO-ESCORTS-971551463206​ http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7692-INDIAN-PAKISTANI-RUSSIAN-FILIPINO-ESCORTS-971551463206​ You will search your desired girl with us with your viewpoint and as per your necessity. 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Thu, 27 Apr 2017 02:45:00 GMT Dubai Escorts are Right 4 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7705-Dubai-Escorts-are-Right-4 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7705-Dubai-Escorts-are-Right-4 Life can stay boring till you enjoy it the way you want. you'll be able to add colours to your life by hiring Indian call girls in Dubai , who will build your life more pleasurable. they're one in all the most smart paid companions who can add pleasure to your life to create it more eventful and pleasant. they're forever out there to boost your life with sexy making love acts. you'll be able to call them anytime and that they can always live up to your expectations. you only ought to allow them to be your intimate companion. Fri, 28 Apr 2017 01:21:00 GMT Dubai Escort - Popular Indian Pakistani Filipino Escorts Girls in Dubai http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7714-Dubai-Escort-Popular-Indian-Pakistani-Filipino-Escorts http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7714-Dubai-Escort-Popular-Indian-Pakistani-Filipino-Escorts In case you’re accustomed to having the great things in life then with regards to dating you’ll need to meet young ladies who shimmer. At Pakistani Escort in dubai we hand pick the brightest and most excellent Dubai Escorts in the city for your pleasure. Fri, 28 Apr 2017 22:00:00 GMT Dating Night Girls Indian Escort In Dubai +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7716-Dating-Night-Girls-Indian-Escort-In-Dubai-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7716-Dating-Night-Girls-Indian-Escort-In-Dubai-971523202298 Booking of cheap escort in dubai is very easy and you can get in progress right away with our online booking form. If you wish for a quick reply, call us on our Dubai phone number and we will give advice you about our Indian escorts models. 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These vip pakistani escort in dubai are complete of enjoyment, self-confidence and have simple going personalities. You will seem instantly at ease in their business and discover that our vip indian escorts in dubai are expressive and good conversationalists. Mon, 01 May 2017 23:04:00 GMT ENJOY OUR ESCORTS SERVICES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD IN DUBAI +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7722-ENJOY-OUR-ESCORTS-SERVICES-FROM-ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD-IN-DUBAI http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7722-ENJOY-OUR-ESCORTS-SERVICES-FROM-ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD-IN-DUBAI Dubai Models Girls organization has a reputation for supplying importance dubai escorts service. These vip pakistani escort in dubai are complete of enjoyment, self-confidence and have simple going personalities. You will seem instantly at ease in their business and discover that our vip indian escorts in dubai are expressive and good conversationalists. 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Tue, 02 May 2017 00:24:00 GMT ENJOY OUR ESCORTS SERVICES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD IN DUBAI +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7743-ENJOY-OUR-ESCORTS-SERVICES-FROM-ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD-IN-DUBAI http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7743-ENJOY-OUR-ESCORTS-SERVICES-FROM-ALL-OVER-THE-WORLD-IN-DUBAI Dubai Egirls is the International biggest online sensual service lady escorts for specialists and craftsmanship devotees, permit people to join through the creation and sharing of sexual feelings. Arabic Dubai Escorts Agency.+971 551463206 Tue, 02 May 2017 15:24:00 GMT Lots of Fun with Dubai Escorts +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7744-Lots-of-Fun-with-Dubai-Escorts-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7744-Lots-of-Fun-with-Dubai-Escorts-971523202298 In the city like Dubai  where lots of dubai escorts provides erotic fun as most of them have proper feelings and creates perfect chemistry with guys. As most of the people love to see the girl of own choice but there are large number of escort agencies which offers regular escorts. The fresh wind of sensual pleasures is just now on your feet of willingness because there are few ultra sexy escorts in Dubai. Choosing a indian escorts in dubai is the chance to meet outstanding escort girls wearing traditional dresses. Tue, 02 May 2017 23:40:00 GMT Lots of Fun with Dubai Escorts +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7745-Lots-of-Fun-with-Dubai-Escorts-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7745-Lots-of-Fun-with-Dubai-Escorts-971523202298 In the city like Dubai where lots of Dubai escorts provides erotic fun as most of them have proper feelings and creates perfect chemistry with guys. As most of the people love to see the girl of own choice but there are large number of escort agencies which offers regular escorts. The fresh wind of sensual pleasures is just now on your feet of willingness because there are few ultra sexy escorts in Dubai. Choosing a hilarious escorts in Dubai is the chance to meet outstanding escort girls wearing traditional dresses. Wed, 03 May 2017 01:24:00 GMT LOTS OF FUN WITH DUBAI ESCORTS +971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7755-LOTS-OF-FUN-WITH-DUBAI-ESCORTS-971523202298 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7755-LOTS-OF-FUN-WITH-DUBAI-ESCORTS-971523202298 Escorts services are become so famous this days and it is available on major city in Dubai. Moreover on that there are few offers in Dubai of bringing the VIP Escorts sometimes you can say as High Class pakistani escort in dubai . The elegant and exotic city of sexual pleasures offering wildest collection of Indian escorts ladies to provide you an energetic feel of sexual pleasures. Wed, 03 May 2017 20:25:00 GMT Khasab dhow cruise with Khasab Sea Tours http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7794-Khasab-dhow-cruise-with-Khasab-Sea-Tours http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7794-Khasab-dhow-cruise-with-Khasab-Sea-Tours 02 Khasab Oman. 0096899414630 Mon, 08 May 2017 10:18:00 GMT Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement (ACSP) http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7437-Advanced-Certificate-in-Strategic-Procurement-ACSP http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7437-Advanced-Certificate-in-Strategic-Procurement-ACSP The Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement (ACSP) will address all topics relevant to managing a modern strategic procurement function. Effective Procurement is, and always has been, fundamental to the success of an organisation. On average, over fifty percent of an organisation's total revenue is passed down the Supply Chain. In many sectors however, this can be significantly more for example in the Public Sector, this can exceed eighty percent. It is imperative that this expenditure is managed and controlled effectively. Poor procurement leads to increased cost, poor quality, delays, loss of control and lack of cost visibility. Proactive, professional Procurement will become a value added function within the organisation. Over time, organisations have realised the value that can be delivered through effective Procurement. At the same time, the value of appropriately qualified Procurement Professionals has also increased. Procurement is now seen as a 'job' rather than a 'role'. The shift from transactional, operational buying to Strategic Procurement has been quicker in some Industries than others. Organisations that have not yet made the change are being left behind. Commodity, or category, based Procurement provides the correct structure to help deliver a truly World Class Procurement function. ACSP™ provides the understanding, framework, tools, and principles that allow organisations to build, embed and develop real Strategic Procurement. On completion of this five day training course you will receive your certificate which has been fully accredited by Qualifi, an official UK Government recognised awarding body. Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training | Classes, Courses & Workshops. Artists / Speakers: Steve Mallaband and Ros Howard. Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/117316-0 Prices: Super early bird: USD 2900, Early bird: USD 3200, Standard price: USD 3700. Sun, 06 Aug 2017 08:00:00 GMT The 3rd MENA Health Insurance Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7117-The-3rd-MENA-Health-Insurance-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7117-The-3rd-MENA-Health-Insurance-Congress In such a dynamic healthcare landscape with massive ongoing projects and the implementation of mandatory health insurance in some parts of the region, came the need to create on one common platform to bring all the concerned stakeholders. The 3rd MENA Health Insurance Congress taking place on 18-19 September 2017, is this unique platform which is gathering the C-level executives from all the health insurance companies, TPAs, healthcare facilities and regulators in the region, to focus on many strategic, operational and technical topics. Category: Exhibitions | Science, Health and Medicine | Medical and Pharmaceutical Price: From: USD 99 To: USD 1999 URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/85400-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/85400-2 Speakers: Catherine McNamara, Fareed Lutfi, Dr. Hussam Majali, Marco Roehrle, Lina Jichi, Wissam Mattout Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT Telecoms World Middle East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7192-Telecoms-World-Middle-East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7192-Telecoms-World-Middle-East Now in it’s 13th year, Telecoms World continues to provide the platform for the entire telecoms ecosystem to debate, discuss and develop ideas within the industry. With new heightened ambitions, we have restructured our entire agenda to include more trending content, more panel discussions and more leading global speakers. The telecoms industry is changing and the digital revolution is happening now. The region’s leading telecoms event is taking the industry by storm, providing you and your business the platform to discover new techniques, business models, network strategies and systems required to be successful in the digital age. From CEO panels to OTT interviews, interactive roundtables to international case studies, we have worked alongside leading industry influencers to build an agenda enabling you to develop new digital capabilities, compete in the connected landscape and prepare for the 2020 vision. Join the BIGGEST gathering of the region’s most influential CEOs as they discuss the Internet of Everything, virtualisation and the new telco ecosystem. New for 2017 sees the return of our global Carriers World brand back to the Middle East to compliment Telecoms World Middle East giving you a larger audience, more networking and three concurrent conference tracks aimed at the major challenges facing the industry. Price: Vendor 2-day conference pass: USD 1975 Wholesale carrier 2-day conference pass: USD 1495 Speakers: scott gegenheimer, cenk serdar, abdellatif bouziani, christian de faria, daniel ritz, ali amiri, sohail qadir Category: Conferences | Engineering and Technology | Telecoms Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:30:00 GMT Third MENA Orthopaedic Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7357-Third-MENA-Orthopaedic-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7357-Third-MENA-Orthopaedic-Congress The Third MENA Orthopaedic Congress has been developed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the field of Arthroplasty, Spine, Trauma, Orthopaedic Oncology, Foot and Ankle, Podiatry, Sport Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery and Sport Medicine. This year’s conference theme will focus on the practical management and latest evidence-based clinical data that will highlight the most advanced strategies in detection, prevention and management of common orthopaedic conditions through the most advanced techniques. Expect to meet thought leaders, leading orthopaedic surgeons, government pioneers, academia, researchers and technology providers who will be sharing their knowledge in the format of presentations, discussions, workshops providing you a unique educational programme and a great opportunity to review the latest developments in the field. Facebook : https://go.evvnt.com/112492-1 Twitter : https://go.evvnt.com/112492-2 Price : From: USD 199 To: USD 598 Category : Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | Orthopedics Thu, 28 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT The Dubai International Dentistry Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7703-The-Dubai-International-Dentistry-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7703-The-Dubai-International-Dentistry-Congress Oral health is a major concern for all oral care practitioners and advocates. Health authorities are encouraging oral care by establishing dental facilities, increasing awareness about dental problems and supporting educational conferences to ensure that dentists have the required knowledge. The Dubai International Dentistry Congress is a unique platform where experts and key opinion leaders share their experience about key issues and controversial topics in dentistry. This CME-accredited congress will facilitate insightful debates on the most strategic issues related to dentistry as well as addressing key challenges in specific areas. In addition, it will discuss the most recent developments in dental techniques, devices and digital dentistry tools. Different practical workshops will supplement the congress through a highly interactive hands-on learning approach where participants can get involved actively and learn from the experts, helping them in daily duties. Key Benefits of Attending: Enhance your knowledge on the recent technologies and surgical advances in dentistry Discuss and cover the major concerns that face dentists in the Middle East Explore best practices and updates in aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry and more Enjoy interactive presentations and panel discussions covering the latest advances and practical knowledge in the field Join interactive hands-on workshops that will enhance your learning experience in the field Gain Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit hours Network, meet and build relationships with your peers in the field of dentistry to exchange knowledge. URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/120763-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/120763-2 Prices: Bronze- Early Bird 30 July 2017 - Dentists: USD 499 Bronze- Standard - Dentists: USD 599 Bronze- Early Bird 30 July 2017 - Dental Technicians: USD 299 Bronze- Standard - Dental Technicians: USD 399 Bronze- Early Bird 30 July 2017 - Dental Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1799 Bronze- Standard - Dental Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1999 Gold- Early Bird 30 July 2017 - Dentists: USD 699 Gold - Standard - Dentists: USD 799 Gold - Early Bird 30 July 2017 - Dental Technicians: USD 499 Gold - Standard - Dental Technicians: USD 599 Gold - Early Bird 30 July 2017 - Dental Companies and Solution Providers: USD 2199 Gold - Standard - Dental Companies and Solution Providers: USD 2399 Category: Conferences / Science, Health and Medicine / CME (Continuing Medical Education) Thu, 28 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT 43rd MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show 2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7795-43rd-MidEast-Watch-Jewellery-Show-2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7795-43rd-MidEast-Watch-Jewellery-Show-2017 Gold & Diamond – Increasing Demand and Value The MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show is the largest showcase of its kind in the region featuring jewellery creations from jewelers and retailers who are known the world over for their designs, craftsmanship and superior quality. The allure for gold and precious gems transcends cultures and countries, with the Middle East having a special affinity towards the glitter and glitz of the precious metal. Here are some key features that attract discerning shoppers to the show: Gold is one of the best-performing assets Value of gold & diamonds are on a continuous rise Gold still holds the save-haven appeal Gold prices are less volatile these days Improved economic growth prospects& rising consumer confidence Increasing job opportunities and pay raises Rise in spending power and fashion consciousness The Spring and Autumn Editions The spring and autumn editions of the MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show cater to the seasonal surge in demand and are highly sought-after events in the region and beyond. The spring edition enjoys the benefit of being one of the first jewellery shows to be held in the new year, thus offering jewellers an unmatched opportunity to introduce latest creations and trends for the year at the show. It will also help jewellers benefit from the ensuing local wedding season. The autumn edition comes at a time when the summer break is over and the regional business climate brightens up. Expectations are high on account of the forthcoming festival season. Category: Exhibitions | Lifestyle, Arts, Leisure | Gems & Jewellery URLs: Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/124034-0 Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/124034-2 Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/124034-3 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/124034-4 Custom: https://go.evvnt.com/124034-5 YouTube: https://go.evvnt.com/124034-6 Price: Free Speakers: Seminars at 43WJ by IGI Tue, 03 Oct 2017 12:00:00 GMT Dubai International Laboratory and Diagnostics Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7757-Dubai-International-Laboratory-and-Diagnostics-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7757-Dubai-International-Laboratory-and-Diagnostics-Congress The Dubai International Laboratory and Diagnostics Congress, taking place from 5-7 October 2017 in Dubai, UAE, is one of the top leading platforms worldwide. The event is designed to provide the experts in this industry with recent practices, global advances in diagnostics, haematology and laboratory practice, discussing the latest challenges in this field worldwide. This congress aims to cover various areas related to laboratory and diagnostics including clinical areas such as haematology, pathology, immunotherapy medicine, infectious disease detection, as well as the technical and leadership areas such as accreditation of medical laboratories, and laboratory management. You will have the chance to meet and connect with the leading experts from all over the world in this leading platform, from pathologists, laboratory directors, quality professionals, biologists, and other health allied professionals. Benefits of attending: . Hear from top regional and international experts discussing the most pressing topics in the field of diagnostics, pathology, clinical microbiology and laboratories . Receive the latest updates regarding common issues and challenges in laboratories . Learn about the recent practices in diagnostics and improving laboratory performance . Earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit hours by attending this conference . Review and discuss the current challenge in analytics and infection control detection . Network, meet and build relationships with peers in the field of laboratory and diagnostics practice to exchange knowledge . Participate in the practical workshops For more information, visit the website www.dildc.com URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/121974-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/121974-2 Price Bronze - Early Bird 5 August 2017 - Doctors: USD 399 Bronze - Standard Price - Doctors: USD 499 Bronze - Early Bird 5 August 2017 - Residents and Medical Students: USD 299 Bronze - Standard Price - Residents and Medical Students: USD 399 Bronze - Early Bird 5 August 2017 - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1799 Bronze - Standard Price - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1999 Gold - Early Bird 5 August 2017 - Doctors: USD 499 Gold - Standard Price - Doctors: USD 599 Gold Bronze - Early Bird 5 August 2017 - Residents and Medical Students: USD 399 Gold - Standard Price - Residents and Medical Students: USD 499 Gold - Early Bird 5 August 2017 - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1999 Gold - Standard Price - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 2199 Speakers: Zulfa Omar Al Deesi, Ziad Peerwani, Shahinaz Bedri, Saeed Al Amoudi, Rania Nabil Bedair, Rajesh Saroday, Hisham Shams Maher, Hala Obaid Al Teneiji, Hala Fouad Ismail, Carlo Kaabar, Asif Abdul Malik Quadri, Ahmed Hani Al Barkouki, Amira Fayez Hammouda, Category: Conferences,  Science, Health and Medicine, Diagnostics Thu, 05 Oct 2017 08:00:00 GMT MENA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7285-MENA-Physical-Medicine-and-Rehabilitation-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7285-MENA-Physical-Medicine-and-Rehabilitation-Congress The MENA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress, taking place on 12-14 October 2017 in Dubai, UAE, brings together regional leader and medical experts in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation to discuss the most pressing rehabilitation conditions in the region. The congress aims to cover various fields related to physical medicine and rehabilitation including musculo-skeletal medicine, neuro muscular medicine, stroke rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries, paediatric rehabilitation, chronic pain rehabilitation and more through the dissemination of latest knowledge by leading experts in the field. Do not pass up the opportunity to foster innovation and knowledge in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/106857-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/106857-2 Price: Early bird - From: USD 199 Early bird - To: USD 595 Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | Orthopedics Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:00:00 GMT 19th Asia Pacific Rheumatology APLAR Congress, October 16-20, Dubai 2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7746-19th-Asia-Pacific-Rheumatology-APLAR-Congress-October-16-20 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7746-19th-Asia-Pacific-Rheumatology-APLAR-Congress-October-16-20 This year, APLAR will feature up-to-the-minute insight and updates on the latest in the field of Rheumatology, providing a challenging scientific program in the form of plenary lectures, scientific sessions; interactive symposiums and will feature a huge exhibition area showcasing the latest in the field. APLAR 2017 is expected to attract the highest attendance on an international and regional level with prominent speakers who will master the latest updates in Rheumatology offering a unique opportunity in helping practitioners shape the future in the field of Rheumatology. Congress Topics Ankylosing Spondylitis, Basic Research, Clinical Basic Immunology, Cell therapy, Gout, Human autoimmune disease genetics, Myositis, OA, PAH/ILD, Pediatric Rheumatology, PsA, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatology Reimagined – How Rheumatology will Services be Delivered in 2020, SLE, Basic Research, Clinical SSc, Telehealth Workshop, Vasculitis, COPCORD,Epidemiology For Abstract Submissions, Kindly visit: http://www.aplar2017.com/scientific-information.php?r=abstract-submission For Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities, Kindly visit: http://www.aplar2017.com/sponsorship.php URL: Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/121568-0 Price: Early Bird Congress Registration: USD 650 Early Bird Workshop Registration: USD 475 Speakers: Adeeba Al-Hirz; Ahmed Al - Saidi, AlHussain Asiri, Aman Sharma, Ayman Al Garf, Basel Al - Masri, Basel Al - Zirkani, Humeira Bahdsha, Hussain Hallabi, Humaid Al Wahshi, John Axford, Nelly Ziade, Samar Al Emadi, Sapan Pandya, Thurayaa Azari, Ved Caturvedi, Waleed AlShehhi, Katy Leung Ying Ying, Christopher Denton, Daniel TM Chan, David Yu, Debashish Danda, Eun Young Lee, Fereydoun Davatchi, Grace Kim, Huji Xu, Ingrid Lundberg, James WEI, Lai-Shan Tam, Leong Khai Pang, Lisa Christopher-Stein, Masataka Kawana, Meng Tao Li, Michel Tee, Mitsumasa Kishimoto, Sandra Navarra, Tsutomu Takeuchi, Vidya Limaye, Xinping Tian, Robert A Colbert, Arthur Kavanaugh, Michelle Petri, Hans J.W.J Bijlsma, Iain Mcinnes, Maurizio Cutolo, David Kane, Ingrid Moller Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | CME (Continuing Medical Education) Mon, 16 Oct 2017 19:00:00 GMT GCC Pharmacy Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7693-GCC-Pharmacy-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7693-GCC-Pharmacy-Congress As the GCC countries healthcare moves towards a more patient-centric model, pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in providing quality care to patients and they are vital members of the healthcare team. Pharmacists play an important role as leaders to improve healthcare outcomes, decrease cost, reduce patient safety risk, optimise medication management systems and align the pharmacy services with the management strategies that measure and reward quality performance. Whether you are a community pharmacist or a hospital pharmacist, the 4th Annual GCC Pharmacy Congress is the ideal platform for you as it gives you the opportunity to select your track according to your job profile. The congress has two tracks; one for hospital pharmacy and another one for community. Both tracks will help you in developing your leadership skills, giving you the required exposure to the new technologies and advances in your field and helping you to improve the quality of care delivered to the patients. We are confident that you all will enjoy this year's dedicated tracks and leave the conference with deepening knowledge that you will be able to apply in your practice. An integral part of congress is the poster presentations and the Patient Care Awards. They provide the ideal opportunity for the medical team to share best practice and research as well as the chance to network with colleagues. If you have a project or piece of work that you have been working on which you would like to share then please consider submitting an abstract for consideration at the GCC Pharmacy Congress. URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/120393-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/120393-2 Price: Bronze Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - International Delegates: USD 699 Bronze Pricing - Standard Price - International Delegates: USD 799 Bronze Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - GCC Pharmacists: USD 449 Bronze Pricing - Standard Price - GCC Pharmacists: USD 499 Bronze Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - Nurses: USD 299 Bronze Pricing - Standard Price - Nurses: USD 349 Bronze Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 -Students: USD 199 Bronze Pricing - Standard Price - Students: USD 199 Bronze Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1799 Bronze Pricing - Standard Price - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1999 Gold Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - International Delegates: USD 449 Gold Pricing - Standard Price - International Delegates: USD 549 Gold Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - GCC Pharmacists: USD 299 Gold Pricing - Standard Price - GCC Pharmacists: USD 349 Gold Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - Nurses: USD 199 Gold Pricing - Standard Price - Nurses: USD 249 Gold Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 -Students: USD 99 Gold Pricing - Standard Price - Students: USD 99 Gold Pricing - Early Bird register and pay before 20 August 2017 - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 949 Gold Pricing - Standard Price - Pharma Companies and Solution Providers: USD 1149 Speakers: Yasser Joharji, Wesam Smidi, Salman Ali Khan Arshi, Rafik Karam Youssif, Osama Tabbara, Ola Ghaleb Al Ahdab, Mike Wanliss, Matthew J. Maughan, Mahmoud Abu Mandil, Magdy Fahmy, Lana Hammad, Khalid Al Burikan, Jobilal Vavachan, Hashem Tarifi, Bader Alzaid Altraiji, Anas Hamad, Ahmed Al Jedai, Adeline Saliba, Abdullah M. Al Hammad, Abdul Nazar, Abdullah Karim Al Fahim Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | CME (Continuing Medical Education) Thu, 19 Oct 2017 08:00:00 GMT Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7438-Advanced-Certificate-in-Bid-and-Tender-Management http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7438-Advanced-Certificate-in-Bid-and-Tender-Management 5 day certification training on Bid and Tender Management addressing the Tender and Procurement Process, Pre-Qualification of Bids, Perfecting a Bid and Managing risks to mention just a few topics. In an environment where every penny and second can count, the skills and expertise of how to bid for opportunities and manage tenders are in very high demand. The Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMTM) course provides delegates with the skills and methods in the Bid and Tender management process, ensuring every procurement dollar is spent effectively and also accountably! It is designed to provide delegates with the necessary skills to operate effectively in this 'cut and thrust' environment. Delegates will learn from both 'sides of the fence' of the supplier and purchaser and discuss the challenges involved in strategic and practical development of sound, ethical working relationships and the art of negotiation. The following subject areas will be included: - The meaning, value and how to develop and implement strategies for procurement. - How to bid and tender properly. - Probity And Accountability. - Effective Negotiation Skills. - Anti-Corruption Systems and Safeguards. - How to avoid the 'race to the bottom' and the 'underbidder'. Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training. Artists / Speakers: Steve Mallaband and Ros Howard. Prices: Early bird: USD 3200, Standard: USD 3700. Sun, 22 Oct 2017 08:00:00 GMT 19th Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7470-19th-Global-Women-In-Leadership-WIL-Economic-Forum http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7470-19th-Global-Women-In-Leadership-WIL-Economic-Forum The forum is bringing together up to 500 global male and female business leaders, policy makers, as well as young female professionals and entrepreneurs. They're gathering to dissect the challenge of diversity, share experiences and produce actionable strategies to strive for women’s economic empowerment. Endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Economy for the past three years, the forum has championed the recognition of women as key economic drivers for over a decade. It aims to highlight inspiring stories of successful women and best practices from organisations that are leading the way in this domain. The forum also hosts the WIL Achievement Awards, presented by the Minister of Economy, His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, to honour such exemplary individuals and organisations. This year’s conversation revolves around three pillars: story-telling, future-building, and game changers. The agenda is designed to facilitate discussion, promote innovative thinking and have an impact on the global discourse around the role of women in the global economy. Price : Delegate : USD 995 Speakers : H.E. DR. Aisha Bin Bishr, Alexander Kjerulf, Olatorera Oniru, Haben Girma and more Category : Conferences | Business and Economics | Business Wed, 25 Oct 2017 09:00:00 GMT Dubai International Paediatric Neurology Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7758-Dubai-International-Paediatric-Neurology-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7758-Dubai-International-Paediatric-Neurology-Congress There is ample evidence that the neurological disorders are one of the greatest challenges in medicine, with several gaps in understanding many issues related to these disorders especially in children, however, if enough evidence is known about their nature and treatment, then it might be possible to shape effective responses to some of the most prevalent among them. That’s why the Dubai International Paediatric Neurology Congress taking place on 26-28 October 2017 in Dubai, will shed the light on all the aspects related to this vital specialty, from diagnosis to treatment of many neurological disorders like paediatric epilepsy, neurodevelopment disorders, neuro-metabolic and genetic disorders, neuro- immunology disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and much more. This one of its kind scientific platform with elite professionals from the field of paediatric neurology will give you the opportunity to network, build relations, and exchange knowledge. Join the Dubai International Paediatric Neurology Congress and be a part of this exceptional congress for a remarkable learning and networking experience. Category: Conferences | Science, Health & Medicine | Neurosurgical URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/122199-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/122199-2 Price: USD 199 - USD 599 Thu, 26 Oct 2017 08:00:00 GMT Dubai International Asthma and COPD Forum http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7834-Dubai-International-Asthma-and-COPD-Forum http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7834-Dubai-International-Asthma-and-COPD-Forum Dubai International Asthma and COPD Forum, taking place on 27-28 October 2017 in Dubai, UAE, will bring together international and regional renowned experts to provide two days of robust discussions, new drugs in asthma, difficult to control asthma, management of asthma attack in the ER, new trends in asthma management, early diagnosis of COPD, Gold guidelines for drug therapy, out-patient COPD management and lots of other hot topics through interactive presentations, panel discussions, real clinical cases scenarios and practical workshops. Moreover, the event will offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credit Hours to its delegates as well as a truly unique opportunity to network, meet and build relationships with their peers in the field. Why Attend -Hear top regional and international experts discussing the most pressing asthma and COPD conditions. -Gain expert knowledge of new trends in asthma management. -Review recent management approaches of asthma attack in ER. -Continue your professional development and earn CME credits. -Network with your peers in the fields of Asthma and COPD to build relationships and exchange knowledge. -Participate in practical workshops to gain hand on knowledge in different areas such as Radiology of Asthma and COPD, Spirometry interpretation for Asthma and COPD and correct use of inhaler devices. For more information, please visit: www.acopdforum.com Email: info@acopdforum.com URLs : Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/128127-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/128127-2 Price : From: USD 399 To: USD 1999 Fri, 27 Oct 2017 08:00:00 GMT 2nd Excellence in Cardiac Care Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7356-2nd-Excellence-in-Cardiac-Care-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7356-2nd-Excellence-in-Cardiac-Care-Congress Boundaries between cardiac specialties are becoming less and less defined, as the Professional in the cardiac domain has to be increasingly familiar with different types of approaches and be ready to offer different treatment alternatives to Patients. In this new environment, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, arrythmologists, vascular surgeons not only work together, but also are increasingly familiar with each other’s techniques. With this in mind, we have the pleasure of inviting Colleagues from all cardiac specialties to an interactive two-day event, focused on the interdisciplinary approach in cardiac treatments. The event is specially designed to showcase how to tackle structural and functional cardiac disease by bringing together cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac imaging specialists, vascular surgeons, electrophysiologists, interventionalists and researchers. The 2nd Annual Excellence in Cardiac Care Congress will be structured in a first day of formal presentations and case-based discussions, and a second day of hands-on workshops where attendees will practically experience different specialty approaches through animal and simulated models. The event will be CME-accredited. We wish that the Excellence in Cardiac Care Congress will be a fruitful opportunity for cardiac professionals from all specialties to exchange ideas and acquire new skills for the progress of cardiological sciences, and the mprovement of your Patient’s lives. URLs: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/112490-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/112490-2 Prices: From: USD 199 to: USD 599 Category: Conferences / Science, Health and Medicine / Cardiology Fri, 10 Nov 2017 08:00:00 GMT 5TH GNC AND 5TH EMIRATES INTERNATIONAL NEUROSURGICAL CONFERENCE http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7397-5TH-GNC-AND-5TH-EMIRATES-INTERNATIONAL-NEUROSURGICAL http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7397-5TH-GNC-AND-5TH-EMIRATES-INTERNATIONAL-NEUROSURGICAL 5TH GNC AND 5TH EMIRATES INTERNATIONAL NEUROSURGICAL CONFERENCE: to be held in Dubai, from November 16 – 18, 2017 hosted by Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons and Emirates Medical Association The three day conference is expected to bring together Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrist, Directors, Head of Department, Professors and Students from Research Centres of Neuroscience from Middle East, Europe and all over the world. The program includes case studies, workshops, debates, and interactive programs on Neuro-oncology, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Vascular Neurosurgery, Functional Neurosurgery, TBI and Spine Injury, Spine Surgery and Research and Education with world renowned scholars presenting the latest statistics, case reports, researches and medical advances in the field of Neurosurgery and Neurology. URLs: Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/113636-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/113636-2 Price: Physician: USD 400 Allied Health Care Professional: USD 300 Student: USD 150 Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | Neurosurgical Thu, 16 Nov 2017 08:00:00 GMT 3rd Annual MENA Womens Health Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7756-3rd-Annual-MENA-Womens-Health-Congress http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7756-3rd-Annual-MENA-Womens-Health-Congress 3rd Annual MENA Womens Health Congress is a leading platform in the GCC. The congress will be held from 16-18 November in Dubai, UAE. The programme is designed to cover the latest contemporary advancements in the field of womens health and updates on the latest guidelines and treatments in Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialisation. The congress will feature interactive case-studies, platform presentations, educational workshops, networking sessions, meet-the-expert sessions and more, to provide a comprehensive review of current issues and recent advances in selected areas such as obstetrics, gynaecology, reproductive health, osteoporosis in menopause, aesthetic gynaecology as well as covering the future of womens health management in the region. The 3-day congress shall gather the leading regional and global experts in the obs-gyn field. Urls: Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/121975-1 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/121975-2 Price From: USD 499 To: USD 2199 Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | CME (Continuing Medical Education) Thu, 16 Nov 2017 08:00:00 GMT ARABIAMOLD 2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6797-ARABIAMOLD-2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6797-ARABIAMOLD-2017 Arabiamold is the only event of its kind in Middle East catering to Mould, Die and Tool industry. State of the art machinery suppliers for Mould, Die and Tool industry along with mould and die suppliers showcase their excellence in the exhibition. With a growing economy which is backed up by strong growth in the manufacturing and industrial sector, the upcoming Arabiamold 2017 will be eagerly awaited by the region’s industrial designers, engineers, product developers, producers, suppliers and other end-users. Arabiamold also comes with an exceptional advantage – the support and assistance of DEMAT’s EuroMold, the leading international fair for moldmaking, tooling and industrial design. Held along with 4th Plastivision Arabia, Arabiamold 2017 will be bigger and better than its previous editions, while looking at reinforcing its position as the dedicated platform for the regional manufacturing industry. URLs : Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/80323-1 Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/80323-2 Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/80323-3 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/80323-4 Custom: https://go.evvnt.com/80323-5 Price : Admission is Free to all Trade and Professional Visitors: AED 0 Category : Exhibitions Mon, 11 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT PRINT PACK ARABIA 2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6798-PRINT-PACK-ARABIA-2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6798-PRINT-PACK-ARABIA-2017 The regional printing and packaging market is on an upswing. Fuelled by growing economies and supported by core sectors such as real estate and new big-ticket projects, the sector is poised for a giant leap. Rising retail landscape is also keeping the order books busy for the industry. Sensing the opportunities, the regional printing and packaging industry has been quick to grab the initiative and invest in technology, machinery and hone skills of its manpower to sustain growth. Besides, the industry has to live with fierce competition, especially since a number of new companies have entered the market in the past two years after the clouds of the economic slowdown blew away without causing much damage. On the other hand, amazing production technologies have been introduced regionally and globally and new benchmarks in quality are forcing industry players to adapt and gain the competitive edge. Aimed at showcasing the emerging opportunities and technologies, The Print Pack Arabia 2017 will aim to be a comprehensive sourcing platform for commercial and package printing in the region. It will be promoted as an important event that will attract printers, industry professionals, buyers and design agencies. URLs : Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/80304-1 Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/80304-2 Custom: https://go.evvnt.com/80304-3 Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/80304-4 Twitter: https://go.evvnt.com/80304-5 Custom: https://go.evvnt.com/80304-6 Price : Admission is Free to all Trade and Professional Visitors: AED 0 Category : Exhibitions | Engineering and Technology | Packaging Mon, 11 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT PLASTIVISION ARABIA 2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6799-PLASTIVISION-ARABIA-2017 http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6799-PLASTIVISION-ARABIA-2017 PROCESSING, FILLING and PACKAGING The GCC packaging market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the manufacturing industry in the Middle East. Over the last decade, manufacturers have seen the benefit of bulk import and repackaging from the GCC given the tax-free, cheaper manufacturing costs and re export advantage. The GCC is now the largest re-export market for Food and Beverages, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods leading to a booming packaging market. With the announcement of world events like Expo 2020 ,FIFA world cup in Qatar and the continued emphasis on tourism and real estate, the GCC remains an important work and travel destination with the GCC packaging industry is at the threshold of attaining global importance. The 2017 edition of PlastiVision Arabia will showcase processing, filling and packaging equipment and services, whilst the regional processingand re-packaging industry decision makers will be the visitors to the show. PLASTICS FINISHED GOODS PAVILION The 4th Plastivision Arabia 2017 will host a special pavilion featuring finished plastics goods that will showcase an extensive range of products. The pavilion will cater to the steady rise seen in demand for finished plastics products, which is set to increase further on the back of a growing economy, rising consumer sentiment, and a slew of mega events across the region. It will particularly appeal to manufacturers who transform basic plastic products into finished goods and value-added products, which represent nearly one-fifth of the region's plastics industry. The pavilion will also offer a great opportunity for regional small and medium enterprises to showcase their products to discerning trade visitors from across the world. URLs : Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/80286-1 Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/80286-2 Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/80286-3 Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/80286-4 Price : Admission is Free to all Trade and Professional Visitors: AED 0 Category : Exhibitions | Business and Economics | Plastic and Plastic Products Mon, 11 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT Metal Middle East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6881-Metal-Middle-East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6881-Metal-Middle-East Metal Middle East, the only specialized and established event of its kind in the Middle East showcasing the latest trend in the Industry to fulfill the demands of ever increasing Manufacturing and allied Industry sector. Foundry . Castings . Foundry equipments . Foundry materials . Foundry moulds and patterns . Foundry jigs and fixtures . Foundry technology Metallurgy . Processing equipment of metallurgical raw materials . Smelting technology and equipment . Continuous casting technology and equipment . Rolling technology and equipment . Electronic control equipment, inspection equipment and data processing . Metallurgical auxiliary material . Metallurgical products and by-products . Metallurgical environmental protection technology and equipment . Production equipment and products of refractory materials . Processing technology and equipment of sheet metal . Processing equipment of metal wire and mesh . Production technology and equipment of sheet structure Factory Equipment . Abrasives . Accumulators (Batteries) . Air Compressors . Air Tools . Anti-Corrosion . Automotive Parts and Components . Blast Furnaces . Blowers . Boilers . Butterfly Valves . Cable Routing - Galvanised pipes - Grates . Cables . Centrifugal Pumps . Check Valves . Chlorination Systems . Condensers . Cooling Towers . Cutting Tools . De-Aerators . Desalination Systems . Dryers . Ejectors . Elbow - Tee - Reducers . Electrical Accessories . Electrical Boards and Corresponding Equipment . Electrical Motors . Electrical Power Transfer and Distribution Systems . Energy Management Systems . Explosion-Proof Equipment . Fans - Ventilators . Filters . Flanges - Gaskets . Gate Valves Ball - Globe Valves . Grounding Systems Equipment . Hand Tools . Heat Exchangers . Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools . Industrial Heating . Industrial Lighting . Industrial Substations . Industrial Ventilation . Instruments for Measuring Thickness of Pipes . Price: Standard: USD 0 Category: Conferences | Engineering and Technology | Metallurgy Sun, 17 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT Wire and Cable Arabia http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6932-Wire-and-Cable-Arabia http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6932-Wire-and-Cable-Arabia Wire and Cable Arabia 2017 will serve as a powerful platform to build strong business partnerships and forge strategic alliances between cables and wires producers from across the globe and in-country distributors. Wire and cable is the fundamental element and skeleton of every developed and developing economy that covers the lengths and breadths of the country. Category: Exhibitions Price: Standard: Free Sun, 17 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT Welding and Cutting Middle East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6933-Welding-and-Cutting-Middle-East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6933-Welding-and-Cutting-Middle-East In the last two editions, exhibitors have presented their latest products, services and technologies relating to manual and machine welding in one of the world's largest growing markets of the future. The Global Welding Equipment market has also been witnessing the shift from manual to automatic welding. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing demand from the Energy, Construction, and Automotive industries. Category: Exhibitions Price: Standard: USD 0 Sun, 17 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT Tube Middle East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6934-Tube-Middle-East http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i6934-Tube-Middle-East The demand for steel is growing by 5% - 6% annually. Middle East countries including the UAE have the world's largest oil and natural gas reserves and are among the richest countries in the world. The stable oil and gas industry is fuelling the growth in the pipe and tube industry. Category : Exhibitions Price: Standard: USD 0 Sun, 17 Dec 2017 10:00:00 GMT SERVICE LOTS OF FUN WITH DUBAI ESCORTS http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7720-SERVICE-LOTS-OF-FUN-WITH-DUBAI-ESCORTS http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i7720-SERVICE-LOTS-OF-FUN-WITH-DUBAI-ESCORTS The Top Dubai Escorts office gives proficient and wonderful young ladies to your definitive delight and satisfaction all through the Different territory in Dubai. The escorts at Dubai Top Escorts are very much perceived to be loads of insidious fun Sun, 31 Dec 2017 20:16:00 GMT Expo 2020 Dubai http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i3605-Expo-2020-Dubai http://www.dubaiconnect.ae/en/s432/DubaiConnect-ae/c1736-Events/i3605-Expo-2020-Dubai In November 2013, the United Arab Emirates won the right to host the World Expo in Dubai in 2020.  This will be the first time that the World Expo is staged in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA). Since the first Great Fair of 1851, World Expos have continued to be one of the largest and most enduring global mega-events. Lasting six months, World Expos attract millions of visitors who explore and discover pavilions, exhibits and cultural events staged by hundreds of participants including nations, international organisations and businesses. Dubai’s World Expo is held under the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future , echoing the powerful spirit of partnership and co-operation that has driven the UAE’s success in pioneering new paths of development and innovation. Through this theme, Expo 2020 Dubai will serve as a catalyst, connecting minds from around the world and inspiring participants to mobilise around shared challenges, during a World Expo of unprecedented global scope, under the sub-themes of: Mobility, Sustainability & Opportunity. Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70 per cent of which will be from overseas. This will be the first Expo in which the majority of visitors stem from beyond a nation’s borders. Running from 20 October 2020 through 10 April 2021, the Expo will launch the country’s Golden Jubilee celebration and serve as a springboard from which to inaugurate a progressive and sustainable vision for the coming decades. For more information please visit Expo 2020 Dubai Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:00:00 GMT